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2D/3D Animation2D Animation Director

2D/3D Animation

A 2D Animation Director roles include: having overall responsibility for the quality and delivery of animation for a show. Their role is to also recruit and lead an animation team—guide, supervise and mentor the work of the animation team. Working closely with the director to ensure the creative and technical requirements of the director are met by the animation team. Making sure the animation is delivered on time and on budget. Liaising with post-production team to ensure style requirements are met to the end of the production. Where animation is done overseas, the animation director role can be combined with Overseas Supervisor.

Is this role right for me?

Several years experience as lead or senior animator.

Be able to lead a team, provide critical feedback, mentor and supervise other artists.

Be able to contribute as part of the senior creative team.

Very strong communication and interpersonal skills – in order to clearly communicate style and quality requirements to art team.

High ability to self manage, multi-task, prioritise and problem solve.

Career Path to 2D Animation Director

Becoming a 2D Animation Director will involve many years as a lead animator across a range of productions. Roles beyond this include: Director. Routes into this role include a degree in Animation, Film, Fine Art. However a strong body of work is more important than a degree.