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2D Art2D Artist

2D Art

A 2D Artist, is an experienced artist that looks after production design and concept art work. The 2D Artist contributes to a number of aspects to design in production, including Environment design, Prop design, PreVis design and drawovers, clean up, rotations and colour design.

The role demands a portfolio that demonstrates a variety of strong all round art work and smart production design.

The 2D artist would be translating scripts from written word to visual design, the 2D artist would be working closely with the Directors, Episode Directors and Art Directors.

Create engaging environments and props through concept roughs until final production design. This process includes submitting multiple design variations and revisions based on Directors and Art Directors feedback.

Work with production closely on bid days and deadlines, as well as managing work files efficiently.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

Strong drawing abilities and a solid sense of how to design for 2D animation. You have to have a strong understanding of proportion, balance, perspective, dimension and dynamism within your art work.

Ability to communicate ideas clearly through a visual medium as well as face to face to present ideas to different departments.

You have to have a high level of attention to detail and listening skills to be attentive to the Directors and Art Director’s vision and notes.

Great organizational skills and ability to work within very busy team with, while meeting production timetables.

Work with

  • Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Assistant Art Directors
  • PreVis Artists
  • Environment modellers
  • Production Manager
  • Production Coordinators

Career Path for 2D Artist

Career Path to 2D Artist: A strong art and design portfolio with production knowledge and experience.

Career Path from 2D Artist: Character Designer, Production Designer, Storyboard Revisionists, Storyboard Artist, Assistant Art Director.

Education Routes: 2D Artists often have a degree in Fine Arts, Design, Animation, Film or Visual Effects.

2D Artist is an entry level job at a junior level. Show reel and experience are highly important.