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2D/3D Animation2D Key Animator

2D/3D Animation

A 2D Key Animator key roles include: helping in producing the principal key frames of an animation, using the storyboard and animation director’s notes as a guide. Creating all the main storytelling poses for the scenes paying attention to character personalities, staging, acting. Collaborating with other key animators to make sure the production schedule is met and the quality of animation is consistent. Making sure that work files and folders are organised efficiently, named according to naming conventions and approval procedures, and that retakes and handover of files happen as needed.

Is this role right for me?

You will need a minimum of three years experience as an animator

Excellent drawing skills, with a strong sense of design, perspective, colour, staging, composition, shape and form.

Excellent visual storytelling skills camera placement, action and reaction, exaggeration, tension, rhythm and comedic timing.

Strong understanding of 2D animation pipeline.

Be able to follow show style and design references consistently.

Be able to take direction and adjust work as required.

Know industry standard software packages really well. Be able to follow studio approved file management processes. Be willing to learn new software quickly.

Stay calm under pressure, be able to multitask and prioritise the most important tasks first, and meet deadlines.

Communicate well, work well as part of a team.

Works with

  • Animation Director
  • Storyboard artists
  • Other key animators and junior animators

Career Path to 2D Key Animator

Paths to a 2D Key Animator include: Minimum of three years experience as animator, strong showreel. Roles beyond this include: Lead Key Animator, Animation Supervisor, Animation Director. Routes into this role include: Fine Art, Animation, Graphic Design degree useful. Experience and showreel important.