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Creative DepartmentActor/Actress

Creative Department

The job of the actor/actress is to portray and bring to life a character from the screenplay. To do this they must learn the lines/dialogue, adopt the characteristics of the person they are playing and follow the actions of the script. Supervised and guided by the Director, the actor must bring a realistic and truthful performance so the audience believes the character. Actors/Actresses are selected by the Director or Casting Director, they may have to audition for the role where they will perform a short scene provided by the filmmakers. It is not uncommon for actors to attend many auditions before being selected for a film.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Be able to express truthful emotions.

Good screen and vocal presence.

Confidence, self-belief, patience.

Understanding of the creative process.

The role in more detail:

Actors/Actresses must be familiar with how a Film or TV set works and the roles of each crew member. Other useful tools in the actors’ repertoire include the ability to provide voice-overs (commercials, documentary or animation), movement (dance or stunts), accents, singing and combat. The actor can use a variety of techniques in their work including Stanislavski, Method, Meisner and Minimalist but usually, they must deliver the tone and style of the Film or TV programme. A successful actor may also need to understand how to promote their work.

Works with:

  • Director
  • Casting Director
  • Agents
  • Actors
  • Media

Career Path to Acting:

Some start very young in amateur drama or school plays. Some go to Drama school after they finish school. Some can be picked at random by a talent scout, and some start by gaining experience as an Extra. Many begin by creating their own work, building up a CV and Show Reel of clips from small jobs like Short Films and Commercials.