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Animation DepartmentAnimation Supervisor

Animation Department

The Animation Supervisor is responsible for the supervision of the animation team. In collaboration with the Director and VFX Supervisor, the Animation Supervisor is responsible for directing and maintaining the continuity of performance  of all objects, digital characters or creatures.

  • Works in partnership with the CG/Rigging/VFX Supervisor to  interpret and develop directors creative vision for the performance of CG characters or creatures.
  • Will be involved with early performance development of major CG characters. Creates performance test composites for review by the Director/Supervision team.
  • Runs animation dailies,  ensures animation quality control and ensuring performance consistency. Interpret director’s needs, provide constructive feedback to crew.
  • Work in partnership with Production to correctly cast shots to animators and ensure continuity of performance while meeting all schedules and highest standards
  • Responsible for clear lines of communication between, animation team, other departments and production.
  • Work closely with the Rigging Department to ensure the delivery of Rigs that will meet an animator’s need for control, functionality, usability and performance.
  • Implement the specific animation pipeline requirements of a particular project. Test and deploy tools in a high pressure production environment.
  • Document and manage research, disseminate all show workflows and performance references to the animation team to ensure consistency
  • Work closely with FX Supervisor to ensure primary animation and secondary animation (cloth, hair, wardrobe etc.) are delivered to the highest standards.
  • Work with Motion Capture supervisor to help define pipeline both to and from MoCap to the animation department.
  • Work closely with Production, providing performance feedback, mentoring and maintaining positive moral among the team.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

Several years experience in the Animation department. A thorough understanding of animation techniques and technologies.

In-depth knowledge of CG  software tools and can produce photo realistic animation for a wide range of characters and creatures.

Excellent aesthetic judgements – keen understanding of composition, cinematic design and working to live action constraints and performances.

Excellent spatial awareness and a  feel for movement and timing. With a keen eye for Weight, Balance, understanding of human structure and anatomy, gesture.

Excellent  performance judgements, Can give constructive feedback that enhances the performance, increasing realism, and the emotional arc of the CG cast.

Great organisational skills and ability to manage a very busy team with, while meeting production timetables and budgets.

Works with:

  • CG Supervisor
  • 2D Supervisor
  • VFX Producer
  • VFX Supervisor

Career Path for Animation Supervisor

Career Path to Animation Supervisor: Several years experience in the Animation department. Rigging experience beneficial

Career Path from Animation Supervisor: CG Supervisor

Education Routes: Animation Supervisors often have a degree in Animation, Motion Design, or Visual Effects but can also come for cognate areas such as, Film Studies, or Games.

Not an entry-level role. Show reel and senior animation experience are important here.