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2D DepartmentCompositor

2D Department

The Compositor  is responsible for ensuring photoreal integration of all visual effects elements with the live action plate and for ensuring aesthetic consistency across their shot, in line with the feedback from the Compositing Supervisor/VFX Supervisor.

This could include 3D renders from the Lighting, pre-shot assets, matte painting assets, motion graphics, even different element from multiple takes and any other material that is necessary to get the final approved shot that satisfies the Director’s vision.

The Compositor will develop innovative technical solutions to complex compositing integration problems. They must manage complex upstream dependencies particularly from the Lighting Department, often for many shots at the same time.

  • Attending dailies
  • Interpret director’s feedback
  • Delivering final shots that are creatively and technically excellent, address all notes on schedule.
  • Communicates with other departments, particularly Lighting to ensure comps are up to date.
  • Work in partnership with Compositing Supervisor to improve and enhance template scripts and show wide compositing tools.
  • Work closely with production to minimise scheduling drift and to ensure delivery on time and under budget.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

A full working knowledge of Nuke, or similar compositing package.

To be a creative problem solver who likes technical challenges and can manage complex systems.

To be comfortable the more technical aspects of CG integration, the colour pipeline, the 2D pipeline and can effectively use 3D solutions to enhance/aid in 2D compositing tasks.

Excellent eye for integration issues, can discern subtle changes in lighting, colour, grain, blur, edges.

Has an interest in cinematography, photography, and art. Can change, colour, tone, relighting and can add atmosphere and style across a range of different looks.

Highly motivated, and be able to work with little supervision to solve technical problems.  under pressure to meet set deadlines

To be a team player with excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Familiarity with node graphs and Knowledge of Python is an advantage.

Works with

  • 2D Supervisor
  • Lighting team
  • Effects Team
  • Line Producer
  • Production Coordinator

Career Path for Compositor

Career Path to Compositor: Experience with junior compositing tasks such as prep Roto/Paint or as a CG Generalist

Career Path from Compositor: 2D Supervisor, VFX Supervisor.

Education Routes: Compositors, often have a degree in Animation, Visual Effects or Film and Media studies. Ideally will have taken classes in Compositing, Lighting, Photography, Animation and Coding.

Show reel and experience is very important. This is not generally an entry-level role.