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Construction DepartmentConstruction Department Standby Roles: Painter, Carpenter, Rigger, Stagehand

Construction Department

Within the construction department standby roles include painter, carpenter, rigger and stagehand. Each one works on set representing their department, looking after various tasks and making modifications where required during filming. They must collaborate closely with other members of the shooting crew to achieve the project schedule. Must carry’s out tasks as required by the director and first assistant director.  They work closely with the camera and electrical department to make adjustments as needed and must act with speed and attention to detail should adjustments be required. Ensure there are enough supplies to carry out the tasks within their area. Adheres to health and safety standards.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Training to carry out the tasks within craft.

Experience working with large teams and to tight deadlines.

Good organisational and stocktaking skills

A Strong understanding of the working environment of a film set during shooting, and how to contribute to it.

Great timekeeping and time-management skills. Ability to problem solve, assess and evaluate solutions for the task at hand.

Understanding of health and safety requirements and the risks attached to various shooting scenarios.

Work with:

  • Construction Coordinator
  • Master Painter
  • Master Carpenter
  • Master Plasterer
  • All of the Construction Department

Career Path to Standby Roles:

There are no Trainee craft roles except for riggers.  Qualifications in the relevant craft is essential.