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GripsDolly Grip


The Dolly Grip builds and maintains all of the equipment on which cameras are mounted on a film set. They must work with a camera dolly, which holds the camera on a track, for moving or tracking shots. They work under the direction and the instructions of the key grip and camera operator, responsibility for all of the rigging (ie building) of such equipment including the tracks. They are responsible for the management of equipment to service multiple cameras. They must discuss and plan movement, angle and positioning of cameras with the director, DOP and camera operator before filming. They must possess the skills to carry out shots according to the director’s creative vision. They must ensure equipment is unloaded, constructed and prepared for the day’s filming as planned and directed. They must plan ahead for camera movements as well as responding to camera and actor movements.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

In-depth understanding of the equipment available and the ability to carry out shots as required.

Strong communication skills and ability to interpret the requirements of the camera operator or director.

Ability to understand the director’s vision for the film and to carry this out in practice.

Deep knowledge of camera movement and how this can be adapted to the movement of the actor.

Work with:

  • First Assistant Director
  • Camera Operator
  • All of the Lighting Department
  • All of the Grips Department

Career Path to Dolly Grip:

There are no typical career paths for the Dolly Grip often they would have worked their way through the Grip Department starting as a trainee grip.