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Multi-Camera Non-FictionEVS Operator

Multi-Camera Non-Fiction

EVS Operators create and provide slow- and ultra-motion replays and instant graphics as they produce on-the-fly highlights packages for TV broadcast.

Working in either an OB unit or a broadcast gallery, EVS Operators are responsible for operating the specialist, industry standard EVS technology that allows almost immediate replays of action sequences during motor racing, Gaelic Football or rugby matches, for example. EVS is used in almost any TV coverage of live events.

The role also requires the loading and playing out of pre-recorded playlists and clips of whatever programming content is being transmitted, and ensuring the Director is served the material he or she needs.

The EVS role is highly skilled, and requires not only the complete technical mastery of the system, but also a cool head that means an operator does not struggle to deal with unforeseen problems during live broadcasts.  The Operator may also be responsible for compiling and playing out an outro based on match highlights.

The EVS Operator must also be able to cut teasers which are run before ad breaks, for example, and be able to do this rapidly and under time pressure.

Is this role right for me?

To perform this role, you must:

Be an experienced and highly trained operator of EVS broadcast technology.

Have creative editing and shot selection skills.

Have used all related software programmes: Xfile, IPdirector, Media Exchange etc.

Have good Information Technology skills.

Be familiar with media workflow and media management systems.

Have experience of working in live TV and/or Outside Broadcast

Be highly organised and methodical.

Enjoy working closely with a team, but also be able to make and stand over creative decisions.

Have touch-typing and caption-generating skills.

Understand naming all relevant naming conventions.

Works with:

  • Director
  • Unit Manager
  • Graphics Operator

Career path to EVS Operator

There is no formal path to becoming an on-the-job trainee, although often Operators come from a VT Operator or Edit Assistant background.  Most successful operators will have undergone specialist training courses to become proficient.