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3D CGFX Artist


A FX Artist for animation production is someone with a excellent knowledge of 3D and compositing software as well as the application of 3D effects such as Particles, fluids, collision dynamics and compositing.

The FX artist ensure that all shots are complete, FX are optimised and organised so that they are ready for use in production. The FX artist also creates any necessary documentation for the overseas lighting launch for the production.

  • Establish direct and reflected FX and compositing for each assigned shot.
  • Ensure that assigned shots fit in the continuity of a sequence and fulfill the vision of the Directors, Production Designer, Art Director, VFX Supervisor and Head of Lighting while meeting the production schedule.
  • Develop an effects library for the production alongside the animation and lighting team.
  • Submit work for review to CG Supervisor, Head of Lighting, Art Directors, Production Designers and VFX Supervisor. Will Optimize, refine and correct model geometry to satisfy the artistic requirements of the CG Supervisor.
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas towards optimising FX and look development for the production.
  • Reinforce the importance of deadlines, and alerts the Production Manager, CG Asset Lead, CG Supervisor VFX Supervisor and Production Coordinators of any problem arising that could effect schedule.
  • Assist in the documentation and communication of technical and process guidelines for lighting creation and implementation.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

Several years production experience as a FX artist. Entry level can be gained through junior status and a good portfolio.

You have to have a high level of attention to detail with strong problem solving skills. You need technical skills as well as an artistic eye for colour, animation and FX.

Great organizational skills and ability to manage a very busy team with, while meeting production timetables and budgets.

Works with

  • CG Asset Lead
  • Directors
  • Art Directors
  • CG Supervisor
  • Production Manager
  • Production Coordinators
  • Lighting Department
  • VFX Supervisor

Career Path for Lighting Artist

Career Path to Lighting Artist: Several years experience in the look development department, or generalist knowledge across the pipeline with FX knowledge.

Career Path from Lighting Artist: Head of Department, Lead FX, VFX Supervisor, CG Supervisor, CG Asset Lead.

Education Routes: FX artists often have a degree in Animation, Film or Visual Effects.

Entry-level role available at Junior FX Artist. Show reel and experience are very important.