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FX DepartmentFX Lead

FX Department

FX work often involves recreating an array of complex effects such as water or hair movement. Different types of FX work require different approaches and specialised knowledge so FX tasks are often subdivided into specific sub departments. The FX Lead is a senior position in the FX department who works with the FX Supervisor to create the initial FX setups and pipeline for a specific FX task e.g. the fur/hair/feather tasks. The FX Lead will be a specialist for the particular task and will be responsible for leading the RND effort and delivering the more complex FX assets for that task.

  • In charge of maintaining and expanding specific task based FX setups and building new show wide tools and setups, looking to standardise workflows.
  • Advise FX Technical Directors on development of FX setups for particular needs and specific shots.
  • Interprets the FX Supervisors/Directors notes and delivers a variety of FX options to gain final approval as efficiently as possible.
  • Will maintain documentation, tutorials, and other reusable resources.
  • Familiar with pipeline issues and technical problem solving

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Several years experience in the FX department, with knowledge and experience of creating a variety of different types of FX. In depth knowledge of CG software.

Will have specialist knowledge of a particular area in FX such as crowds, costume, hair/fur/feathers, fire, water, destruction etc.

Excellent technical skills and an in-depth knowledge of CG production particularly in specialised area of FX and in areas such as coding and tool development.

Excellent trouble shooting skills with the proven experience to tackle and solve particularly complex tasks in an efficient manner.

Good organizational skills and ability to manage a team of FX artists, to meet production timetables.

Excellent artistic eye for details, excellent sense of timing and scale. Can give precise and constructive criticism/feedback.

Great interpersonal and communication skills particularly when under pressure and the ability to anticipate and solve issues and conflicts. Ability to manage and mentor a team.

Works with:

  • FX Supervisor
  • FX Line Producer
  • CG Supervisor

Career Path for FX Lead

Career Path to FX Lead: Experience in several productions in FX TD role.

Career Path from Camera Operator: FX Supervisor.

Education Routes:  FX Leads often have a degree in Animation, Visual Effects or Computer Science but can also come for cognate areas such as Film studies, Photography or Architecture. Show reel and experience are more important than education route.