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The Grip works under the direction of the best boy grip and the instructions of the key grip, building and maintaining all of the equipment on which cameras are mounted on a film set. They are responsible for rigging (ie building) supporting equipment, mounting cameras in various places to get the required shot. They must plan with the director, DOP and camera operator to ensure the movement, angle and positioning of cameras can achieve the vision for the shot or scene. They must ensure everything is unloaded, constructed and prepared for the day’s filming as planned and directed, during shoot. They must anticipate and respond to camera movements, while planning ahead for the next shot. They are responsible for the safety of all the equipment rigged and inspiring a sense of security on set.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Great knowledge and competency in the technical logistics of the job, including camera-support equipment and the latest technological advances.

Strength and physical fitness in assembling and rigging equipment.

Ability to understand the director’s vision for the film and to help realise this in practical ways.

Knowledge and awareness of health and safety issues on a working film set.

Ability to collaborate, troubleshoot and work as part of a team.

Work with:

  • Key Grip
  • Best Boy Grip

Career Path to Grip:

There are no typical career paths for the Dolly Grip often they would have worked their way through the Grip Department starting as a trainee grip.