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2D DepartmentJunior Compositor

2D Department

Compositors need control over each individual element of a shot. Junior Compositors will create mattes (cutouts) for each element that the Compositor needs to digitally manipulate.  This can be done by keying out a green screen (mattes made by color or pixel range), or if necessary elements can be manually rotoscoped (cut out). Live action shots will often be digital manipulated to remove/add certain elements, this process is called Paint, for example wires that lift a character up in the air will need to be removed.

Rotoscoping and Paint are good places for junior Compositors to start their 2D career. Here junior artists learn the 2D pipeline and it instills in them the value and benefit of high quality mattes (cutouts).

  • Creating mattes for each element of a shot that may need to be adjusted by the Compositor.
  • Responsible for image restoration, dustbusting, wire removal, replacement and clean up
  • Attending dailies, Interpret director’s feedback, Delivering final shots that are creatively and technically excellent, address all note on schedule.
  • Work in partnership with Compositor to ensure the integrity of the mattes for the elements of the shot.
  • Work closely with production to  minimise scheduling drift and to ensure delivery on time and under budget.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

A working knowledge of Nuke, or similar compositing package.

To be familiar with image restoration techniques, replacement and clean up, paint, patching, de-graining, tracking, keying, roto and retiming.

To be able to effectively use 3D solutions to enhance/aid in 2D compositing tasks.

Proven ability to work closely in a small team, within tight schedules.

Keen observational and analytical skills, meticulous nature with a self-critical eye and high standards.

Determination to tackle and solve particularly time consuming tasks in an efficient manner.

To have a positive attitude towards direction and can continuously improve work towards a refined solution while showing excellent attention to small details.

Excellent organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Works with

  • Compositor
  • 2D Supervisor
  • Matchmove team
  • Line Producer
  • Production Coordinator

Career Path for Junior Compositors

Career Path to Junior Compositors: Roto/Paint artist is often an entry-level role to the 2D Department.

Career Path from Junior Compositors: Compositor.

Education Routes: Junior Compositors, often have a degree in Animation, Visual Effects or Film and Media studies. Ideally will have taken classes in Compositing, Lighting, Photography, Animation & Coding.

This is an entry-level role to the 2D Department. Previous experience with junior composting tasks such as prep Roto/Paint as evidenced by a show reel is necessary.