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FX DepartmentJunior FX Artist

FX Department

Junior FX Artists will come onto the crew later in post production after the initial turnover of shot plates has been completed and the FX toolset and pipeline has been established and tested by the Supervisor/Leads and the FX TDs. They will be tasked with applying the FX setups across a variety of different shots.

  • Works with the FX TDs and FX Lead to complete more complex shots.
  • Is able to understand and implement subtle feedback notes from FX Lead/FX Supervisor. Has an ability to continuously improve to gain final approval as efficiently as possible.
  • Is familiar with the FX pipeline, can find and apply all necessary upstream data.
  • Is familiar with proprietary tools and scripts within the department.
  • Is a good communicator and can flag any potential issues early and with the right people.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Good generalist knowledge of CG software such as Maya, Houdini, 3DsMax etc.

An understanding of VFX pipelines, and an interest in the technical problem solving aspects of CG.

A great artistic eye for details, with an excellent sense of timing and scale.

An ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines

Strong communication skills will flag any potential issues early with the FX Lead and production coordinator.

Works with

  • FX TDs
  • FX Lead
  • FX Supervisor
  • FX Line Producer

Career Path for FX Artist

Career Path to FX Artist: Generalist CG artist experience.

Career Path from FX Artist: FX TD.

Education Routes: FX Artists often have a degree in Animation, Visual Effects or Computer Science but can also come for cognate areas such as Film studies, Photography or Architecture. Show reel and experience are more important than education route.