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Construction DepartmentMaster Plasterer

Construction Department

The Master Plasterer supervises and manages the plastering crew. They must work with the art department and other construction crew, planning and creating all of the plaster work to be carried out by their team, including walls, ceiling and decorative work. They must interpret scale drawings and establish all finishes and moldings required. They must create realistic and effective props for plasterwork, fixing plasterwork on set and distressing and blending in the natural environment. They must assign and create a working schedule and quantifying the scale of crew needed. They must assemble a team of high-quality crafts people who work well together. They must ensure there are enough materials available so as to not interrupt the workflow.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Great artistic flair, craft skills, attention to detail, and a deep knowledge of the history of the craft.

Excellent knowledge and experience in production plasterwork, including that which is decorative in style.

Strong interpretation of technical and digital drawings and models, and the ability to communicate these to the crew for delivery on schedule and to budget.

Proficiency in the use of materials such as latex, clay, rubber molds and glass fiber resin.

Great interpersonal skills and ability to manage and direct a team.

Ability to problem solve and troubleshoot.

Strong understanding of all relevant health and safety legislation.

Work with:

  • Director
  • Production Designer
  • Art Department
  • Master Painter
  • Master Carpenter
  • All of the Construction Department

Career Path to Master Plasterer:

There are no usual career paths for the Master Plasterer, often they would have worked their way through the Construction Department. QQI level 6 Advanced Certificate Craft – Plastering can be beneficial. Health and Safety qualifications are useful. Working your way up and learning all elements of the craft on the job is essential.