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Matchmove DepartmentMatchmove Artist / Camera Tracker

Matchmove Department

Matchmove is a precise skill. Trackers need to be able to exactly match the movement in the shot plate; this requires a refined eye for detail, technical matchmove skills and creative problem solving.

You need to accurately extract motion data from a range of film plates using Industry standard matchmove software.

  • A basic familiarity with a 3D package to generate test renders to confirm the motion within a shot
  • Has a positive attitude towards direction and can continuously improve Matchmove work towards a refined solution while showing excellent attention to small details.
  • Efficiently manage scenes and publish Matchmove assets out into the pipeline for other departments.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

An interest in visual effects and filmmaking, in particular cinematography. How film cameras operate and an understanding of the motivations of the Director of Photography (DOP) and camera work is beneficial.

General knowledge of the vfx pipeline and a familiarity with 3D software is expected.

Ability to model and manage busy 3D scenes such as LIDAR scans is beneficial.

Meticulous nature with a self-critical eye and high standards.

Determination to tackle and solve particularly time consuming tasks in an efficient manner.

To be a good communicator who can clearly and concisely rely issues to the Matchmove Supervisor about dailies notes and/or technical issues relating to particular shots.

To manage time effectively and work to tight deadlines

Works with:

  • Matchmove Supervisor
  • Production Coordinator

Career Path for Matchmove Artist

Career Path to Matchmove Artist: Entry-level role may have completed some personal vfx work or 3D animation work to establish demo reel. Could also advance from a runner (intern) position or possibly may come from 2D department.

Career Path from Matchmove Artist:  Matchmove Supervisor or may progress into 3D departments often as a junior modeler/generalist.

Education Routes:  Matchmove artists often have a degree in Animation, Visual Effects or Motion design but can also come for cognate areas such as Film studies, or Games. An appropriate Show reel highlighting matchmove experience is important here.