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ModellingModeling Supervisor


The Modeling Supervisor is responsible for the artistic and technical quality of all 3D models created for a production. The Modeling Supervisor will work closely with, Texturing, Rigging FX, CG Supervisor and the VFX Supervisor, to ensure that all 3D models are pipeline friendly. This is an important and senior role, the artistic expectations are very high, models are expected to be photoreal. This requires production experience of the 3D asset creation pipeline and an in depth knowledge of CG modeling and UV’ing. Recreating large-scale environments such as cities and worlds requires considerable team management and planning.

  • In collaboration with the CG/VFX Supervisor, Production Designer, Art Director, will interpret develop initial models, helping to define Director’s vision.
  • They are responsible for quality control, aesthetic consistency, and technical standards will enforce standards through, mentoring, team meetings and modelling dailies.
  • Brief modelling artists and provide constructive feedback.
  • Will help define the modeling pipeline, including inputs, outputs, scripts and tools.
  • Responsible for clear lines of communication both with and between departments, will attend meetings and address modeling comments/issues
  • Will ensure that all 3D models adhere to the technical constriants of down stream departments in particular Texturing and Rigging.
  • Responsible for show wide modelling workflow, mentoring, documentation and information dissemination.
  • Will work with the VFX Producer to ensure that crewing and delivery timetables are met.

Is this the role for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

Several years production experience in the modeling department. You should have in-depth experience with both digital sculpting and hard surface modelling techniques.

You will need experience of recreating real world environments and have extensive knowledge of anatomy.

You have an excellent artistic eye. You should have a passion for, 3D models, architecture, sculpture, anatomy, form, volume and space.

You should be comfortable with data management; coding and tool creation can be beneficial in this role.

Great organisational skills and ability to manage a very busy team with, while meeting production timetables and budgets.

Works with

  • CG Supervisor
  • VFX Supervisor
  • Line Producer
  • VFX Producer

Career Path for Modeling Supervisor

Career Path to Modeling Supervisor: Several years experience in the modeling department.

Career Path from Modeling Supervisor: CG Supervisor

Education Routes: Modelers often have a degree in Fine Art, Animation, or Visual Effects.

They will have taken classes in 3D Design, Modeling, and Digital Sculpting, they should also ideally some experience of Sculpture and building real world sculptures/maquettes, life drawing and anatomy studies are also beneficial.

Not an entry-level role. Show reel and experience are very important.