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VFX ProductionPipeline Technical Director

VFX Production

Pipeline Technical Directors are responsible for writing and maintaining tools which will be used in a VFX/Animation Production.

They are also responsible for further developing the pipeline for future shows

They will maintain existing tools and troubleshoot problems as well as optimise current tools.

Pipeline technical directors will provide direct help to Artists and aid in solving pipeline related problems.

Liaise with the Technology Department in R&D to inform them of possible new technology needs.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job you need:

Have Python, Maya and Linux scripting skills.

Be knowledgeable of the VFX/Animation pipeline.

Gained experience in scripting/developing for Maya/Houdini.

Have good problem solving skills.

Knowledge of hardware issues and networking problems.

Have the ability to prioritise production needs and tasks.

Detail orientated with a strong ability to multi-task.

Have good communication and documentation skills.

Have a related computer science qualification.

A general understanding of networking and performance issues that arise with automated tools.

Have a desire to learn and think on your feet.

Experience working in production in Animation or VFX.

Have enthusiasm for Animation/VFX and filmmaking.

Works with

  • CG Supervisor
  • Department Leads
  • Lead Pipeline TD

Career Path for Pipeline Technical Director

Career Path: Work as part of a technical director team initially as a junior.