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3D CGPrevis and Layout Artist


The Previs and Layout artist works with the Directors and Production designers to set up a preliminary set layout to define scale and location of a scene to give guidance to storyboard artists and environment modellers. The Previous and Layout artist also will work with the Directors, Production Designers, and CG Asset Lead to create sequences of shots through camera, staging and rough blocking based on existing storyboards and Director’s vision.

The role’s primary responsibility is to interpret 2D storyboards and plan and implement the cinematography of the 3D production from those storyboards.

  • Translate 2D set designs into 3D blocked sets to define scale and size of sets for visual approval with the Directors
  • Working with Directors to create shot cameras and FBX files for Storyboard handout.
  • Adding any additional key lighting direction for any lighting story points that the storyboard artist might need to know about.
  • Working with the directors, Previs and Layout artists would be creating sequences of shots that tell a story through camera, staging and potential blocking of characters for shipment to the overseas animation team.
  • Responsible for identifying any story, creative or technical issues that sets and cameras might have with the production and communicate it to the team.
  • Will optimize, refine and correct model geometry to satisfy the artistic requirements of the CG Supervisor.
  • Will be required to interpret references/concept art to prototype and iterate models based on feedback.
  • Work closely with the Production Manager and Production Coordinator in order to respect schedules, hit deadlines and juggle priorities between both pre-production for storyboards and shipment to the overseas studio.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

Several years production experience as a strong CG generalist or environment modeller that can read and interpret 2D storyboards and translate them into a 3D space/environment.

You have an excellent artistic eye for cinematography and camera operations. You should have a passion for, 3D models, architecture, form, volume and space.

You should be comfortable with data management; coding and tool creation can be beneficial in this role.

Great organizational skills and ability to manage a very busy team with, while meeting production timetables and budgets.

Works with

  • CG Asset Lead
  • Directors
  • Storyboard Artists
  • Production Manager
  • Production Coordinators

Career Path for PreVis and Layout Artist

Career Path to PreVis and Layout Artist: Several years experience in the modeling department, with generalist knowledge across the pipeline. Several years experience in storyboarding, with generalist knowledge across the pipeline. A good cinematography portfolio. Good knowledge of film language in regards to cameras, lenses, editing and visual storytelling.

Career Path from PreVis and Layout Artist: Head of Department, Director role.

Education Routes: Previs and Layout artists often have a degree in Animation, Film or Visual Effects.

Entry-level role available at Junior Previs and Layout Artist. Show reel and experience are very important.