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2D/3D ProductionProduction Assistant

2D/3D Production

A Production Assistant roles include: helping out to make sure the production runs smoothly, along with confirming information is up to date between the Production Coordinator and Production Manager, and all departments. Keeping all written information up to date: documents, databases, schedules etc., as well as notes on all production meetings and conference calls and following up after meetings with to-dos for responsible people and departments. Helping supervise the delivery schedule, reminding people if something needs to be done and making sure everyone has what they need in terms of materials, equipment etc. And also taking on any extra work that needs to be done to keep things moving smoothly.

Is this role right for me?

Have great oral and written communication skills.

Be very organized and have very good attention to detail.

Stay calm under pressure, be able to multitask and prioritise the most important tasks first, and meet deadlines.

Be well able to use computer software such as spreadsheets, databases, and scheduling software to organize your work.

Be able to take direction, while also having ability to use initiative to see problems that might need to be solved.

Excellent team-working skills.

Works with

  • Production Coordinator
  • Production Manager
  • Other production crew.

Career Path  to Production Assistant

Paths to a Production Assistant include: Entry level position, or promotion from runner or production trainee. Roles beyond this include: Production Coordinator, Production Manager. Production assistants often have a degree in Animation, Film, Business Studies, but you can gain experience as a trainee or runner, and work up from there.