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2D/3D ProductionProduction Manager

2D/3D Production

A Production Manager’s roles include: being in charge of all processes, procedures and outputs for the animation department. Running day-to-day management of the production and crew. This includes: managing overall production schedule and budget, across all departments. Supporting department managers to create and meet department budgets and schedules. Communicating clearly and regularly with Producer and Supervising Technical and Creative Team on the production status. Finding and hiring production, animation and CG staff with department heads. Mentoring animation staff. Helping make sure conflict is resolved and creating an atmosphere of cooperation and communication. Setting up production database tracking and make sure database standards are met.

Is this role right for me?

Several years experience in managing animation productions. Deep understanding of animation processes across animation and CG departments, and ability to problem solve across all aspects of production.

Strong experience in scheduling and managing Production teams across multiple departments. Ability to prioritize tasks and to lead and assist on all phases of production. Comfortable in working to tight deadlines

Ability to mentor and guide production management staff and to motivate and lead entire animation crew.

Excellent oral and written communication skills and ability to lead production meetings and keep all team members updated on production.

Computer literate with excellent knowledge of relevant software.

Works with

  • Producer
  • Animation Director
  • Animation and CG teams

Career Path to Production Manager

Paths to a Production Manager include: Several years experience in a production department. Roles beyond this include: Producer. Production Managers often have a degree in Animation, Film, Business Studies, but years experience in the industry is more important.