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Multi-Camera Non-FictionRigger (Outside Broadcast Unit)

Multi-Camera Non-Fiction

Riggers, who are also drivers of OB trucks, arrive on location ahead of a shoot, and are the last to leave as they must stow equipment and, finally, drive the unit back to base or the next assignment.

Parking and stabilising OB Units in such a way that crew can successfully operate them independently, and in relaton to other units, is part of the job.  This requires the Unit Manager’s detailed plan to be followed precisely.

Arriving on location, they study the Unit Manager’s plan and rig all power cables, communications, camera, sound recording and mixing equipment in pre-determined locations.  In many cases, this requires elements of the work to be carried out at height, requiring recognised industry training for this activity.  After a shoot, the process is reversed and the Rigger must de-rig and stow all equipment and cables.

Riggers must hold Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) licences, and be experienced in driving thoughout Ireland and Europe.  They must also be aware of and trained in all relevant safe-working regulations with regard to live TV environments.

Because the role involves overseeing the loading of carefully drawn-up equipment lists, both before and after shoots, the job requires close attention to detail where inventories are concerned.  A broad knowledge of the types, functions, appearance and stowed size of equipment is also required.

Because Riggers spend so much time getting to and from locations, on top of the time spent on location, they must be very flexible in terms of working times and conditions.

Is this role right for me?

To perform this role, you must:

Hold a HGV driver’s licence and have driven extensively throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe.

Be technically/mechanically inclined, and able to recognise, assemble and set up all OB equipment.

Be physically strong and have stamina.

Know how to rig and mount all OB equipment, both camera- and sound-related, monitors.

Enjoy working as part of a team.

Works with:

  • Unit Manager
  • OB Crew
  • Location personnel
  • Local authorities where relevant.

Career Path to Rigger:

Riggers will often have a mechanical or driving background, whether directly in the TV environment or the logistics/transport sector.