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Continuity & Script SupervisionScript Supervisor/Continuity

Continuity & Script Supervision

The Script Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that film/TV scenes make sense both visually and verbally, and can be edited into a coherent story when filming is completed. They must ensure there are no continuity mistakes, especially important as films and TV shows are generally not shot in sequence as per the script. They must observe everything closely, taking detailed notes for directors and editors. They must read and break down the script into scenes before filming, checking for any inconsistencies. They must time the script to evaluate the estimated running time of the finished project. They must compile a detailed daily progress report, recording any errors and giving extensive information about the scenes shot to be used as information both for the ongoing production and at the editing stage of the film.

Is this role right for me?

For this role, you will need:

Excellent attention to detail and exceptional levels of observation.

Ability to be knowledgeable about the storyline and characters in an individual project, and the period in which it is set.

Experience in timing and itemizing each scene to determine story days and page count for the production.

Analytical mind and great organizational skills in identifying errors or inconsistencies.

Ability to take notes efficiently and quickly during a busy production.

Ensures cast follow the scripted lines and, if not make note of the differences of each take.

A good understanding of camera lenses, crossing the line.

Work with:

  • Director
  • 2nd Assistant Director

Career Path to Script Supervisor:

There are no usual career paths for Script Supervisor, often they would have worked their way from the trainee position. A qualification in Film Studies can be useful.