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ProductionSeries Producer


On TV series that run over a large number of episodes, there is often a Series Producer – someone who is responsible for making sure the overall editorial and narrative structures, as well as the creative look-and-feel of the series, are achieved and maintained.

Series Producers, or SPs, have overall responsibility for making programmes happen. They begin work at the pre-production stage and work right through until the series is delivered for transmission. It’s a senior editorial role and particularly important when different directors are making individual episodes. SPs will usually have worked as Producer/Directors for a number of years.

Strong storytelling skills are essential, enabling the Series Producer to sustain the narrative drive and audience appeal of of the show across all episodes.

This role requires strong communications skills, the ability to lead and manage people – and resolve any contested issues that might impede successful delivery of the series. The Series Producer must be able to communicate a clear vision – one that aligns all interacting roles – for the project.  Excellent communications skills and people management are necessary, which extends to managing the relationship with the Broadcaster.

Is this role right for me?         

To perform this role, you must:

Have the experience and skills to sustain editorial, entertainment and creative values across TV series.

Have the skills to advise and guide multiple Directors attached to the series.

Be a good communicator.

Be familiar with the entire range of the technical processes of television production, from production through to post-production.

Understand the extent to which role each part of the Production and Post-Production contributes to the desired end-result in terms of the completed product.

Be fully conversant with production budgets and their management.

Have full knowledge of all contractual, legal, employment, regulatory and compliance issues that apply to TV production management. This also applies to production outside Ireland.

Works with: 

  • Director(s)
  • Executive Producers
  • Broadcasters
  • Writers
  • Editor
  • Talent/Cast

Career Path to Producer:

Series Producers will have several years’ experience as Producers of one-off programmes or shorter series.  Prior to this they may have first been successful Production Managers and Line Producers. In many cases, Producers will have started as Runners.  Education is often broad, like Humanities, for example, and with Media Studies also potentially beneficial.