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2D ArtStoryboard Supervisor

2D Art

A Storyboard Supervisor’s roles include leading Storyboard artists and storyboarding process. Working closely with director to ensure style of show is communicated to the storyboard team. Being responsible for setting the style, quality and standards for the department. Developing the comedic action in the storyboards as well as characterisation, staging, pacing and camera action. Creating script notes and support material for the storyboard artists. Reviewing, critiquing and adjusting storyboard artists’ work before the director’s review. Being responsible for delivery of storyboards on time and on budget.

Is this role right for me?

Many years experience as storyboard artist.

Excellent drawing skills.

Excellent film and visual literacy, with a strong understanding of layout, composition, sequencing and storytelling in storyboard format.

Excellent communication skills.

Ability to lead a team, while also being open to direction.

Excellent time management skills.

Works with

  • Director
  • Writer
  • Producer
  • Voice Director
  • Storyboard Revisionist
  • Storyboard Artists

Career Path for Storyboard Supervisor

Paths to a Storyboard Supervisor will require a number of years as Storyboard Artist, Junior Artist or Animator, Layout Artist or Animator.

Roles beyond this include: Head of Story (larger studios), Art Director, Animation Director, Director.

Routes into this role include courses in animation, film or fine art degree, as well as life drawing classes. However a strong body of work can be more important than a degree.