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VFX ProductionSystem Engineer

VFX Production

The main responsibility of the systems engineer is to perform the hands on work to ensure the smooth operation of all IT systems related to production and also has input in developing the production systems for future work.

Responsibilities for the engineer include installation, support and maintenance of servers and file systems.

The engineer provides a second line of defence against problems which can be “show stoppers” such as chronic storage issues.

The engineer has great input and responsibility for maintaining the performance of all systems as a whole as well as performing network installation of widely used artist software.

The systems engineer is also involved in critical communication issues involving on site mail servers as well as protocols such as DNS, DHCP and Active Directory.

A key duty of the engineer is to develop automated scripts e.g. for triggering standard event based system activities.

The systems engineer is also heavily involved in the efficient management of systems projects.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job you need:

Experience with Linux systems administration within a post-production scenario or in high performance computing fields.

Have a Solid Computer Science related degree.

Experience working in a fast paced workplace.

Have excellent communication skills and have experience working in a team.

Have strong problem solving skills.

Be autonomous and resourceful with and ability to think on your feet.

Have solid experience in storage and Data supervision.

Knowledge of VFX pipeline, shotgun, render wrangling

Familiarity with TCP/IP protocols and routing protocols such as (FTP, HTTP, SSH, NFS, SMB)

Experience using python and other common scripting languages.

Works with

  • Systems manager
  • Leads
  • Artists
  • Support staff
  • Maintenance staff
  • Heads of Department
  • Training staff

Career Path for Systems Engineer

Career Path: Work in the support team building experience of systems, aiming for a lead role.