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Texturing DepartmentTexturing Artist

Texturing Department

Texture artists are responsible for digitally painting a variety of surface textures for characters, environment or props. They must have expertise with texturing software such as Photoshop or Mari and in depth knowledge of the texturing, UV’ing and lighting processes.

  • Work in Collaboration  with the Texturing Supervisor to execute the textures maps necessary for the required look of CG characters and objects
  • Responsible for ensuring that all maps adhere to the technical constraints of other departments in particular Modelling and Lighting/Look Development.
  • Work closely with Lighting to ensure all textures achieve the visual look of the production while adhering to lighting constraints.
  • Quality control of texture maps prior to publishing to ensure consistency
  • Communicating with Production and Leads regarding schedules and deadlines
  • Hitting set deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of work.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed at this job, you need:

You should have in-depth experience with digital image manipulation, digital painting and lighting and rendering.  Extensive knowledge and production experience with 3D software and with a 3D paint package, such as Substance, Mari, Photoshop or equivalent is expected.

You should possess strong artistic skills, a great eye for details, and grasp the concepts of composition, color, value, form, and scale.

The ability to work well under pressure as part of a team and to communicate well across departments.

You should be open to direction and able to embrace change with good time keeping and the ability to meet set deadlines

A traditional arts background, photography and painting would be beneficial in this role.

Works with

  • Texturing Supervisor
  • Lighting team
  • Modeling team
  • Line Producer

Career Path for Texturing Artist

Career Path to Texturing Artist: Experience in the Modeling department, Lighting Department or as a CG Generalist.

Career Path from Texturing Artist: Texturing Supervisor, Lighting Artist.

Education Routes: Texture Artists often have a degree in Fine Art, Animation, or Visual Effects. Ideally will have taken classes in Photography, 2D Design, Lighting and Rendering and Digital Painting, they should also ideally some experience of life drawing and other forms of observational drawing.

This is not generally an entry-level role, Show reel and experience is very important for this role.