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VFX ProductionVFX Producer

VFX Production

A lot of responsibility lies on the shoulders of VFX Producers as they oversee entire projects from a managerial position. They are involved from beginning of the process from early client discussions, bidding and shot breakdowns, right through to making sure the final result is of a high standard and delivered on time. Duties include;

  • Act as the main contact for client relations.
  • Provide early ‘ballpark’ estimate bids, and work with the VFX Supervisor to provide more in depth shot breakdown quotations to clients.
  • Schedule production objectives, tasks and milestones between all involved, including supervisors, artists.
  • Schedule client review sessions and screenings.
  • Liaise with clients on formulating approval processes for projects.
  • Ensure all shots/assets are tracked, including their status, version number, changes, etc, throughout the process until final delivery.
  • Maintain a smooth workflow and operation of all departments, include any potential off site, remote artists.
  • Encourage new client relationships and strive to bring the company new work.

Depending on the scale of the production, auxiliary positions such as VFX Line Producer and VFX Coordinator may be utilised. However often these roles and associated duties may fall solely on the VFX Producer.

Is this role right for me?

To succeed in this role, a VFX Producer should have the following qualities:

They should be well versed in the methodologies of VFX, have excellent managerial, leadership and scheduling skills.

Possess excellent communication and people skills when it comes to not only maintaining healthy client relations, but also making sure the entire team clearly understand what is expected of them

Strong communication, management and organisation skills.

Moderate/strong understanding of film and VFX methodologies, file formats and terminology.

High attention to detail.

Can perform under pressure, and manage working with deadlines.

Ability to motivate team members and maintain a positive environment.

Database, spreadsheet and word processing experience.

Willing to manage a large team size, with multiple departments.

Enjoys working with clients and preserving relationships.

Punctual, calm, instinctual forethought and troubleshooting skills

Works with:

  • VFX Supervisor
  • Department Supervisors
  • VFX Coordinator
  • Company Director
  • Client Producers/Directors

Career Path for VFX Producer

Career Path to VFX Producer: Runner, VFX Coordinator, VFX Line Producer, Visual Effects Artist

Career Path from VFX Producer: VFX Supervisor, Company Director, Film Producer

Education Routes: A degree in Film/Television and/or Visual Effect/Animation production is recommended. Team Leader or managerial studies are also a plus.