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VFX ProductionVFX Production Assistant

VFX Production

During large scale productions, it is very easy for the small duties to become neglected. Supervisors, producers, and artists are all busy focusing on their primary tasks that the workplace can become an unpleasant environment if not maintained consistently. VFX Production Assistants often share duties with VFX Coordinators. Additional responsibility can include;

  • Supporting the VFX Producer and coordinators with administrative tasks.
  • Collate job applications and contracts.
  • Research any required reference material or techniques.
  • Food and coffee orders.
  • Assist freelance artists with personal needs such as accommodation, tax department appointments, etc
  • Note and minutes taking in meetings and review sessions
  • Printing and other general office needs

Is this role right for me?

Skills required for a successful VFX Production Assistant include;

Strong organisation skills, which an emphasis on note taking and tracking.

Clear communication skills

Attention to detail

Database, spreadsheet and word processing experience

Basic understanding of film and visual effects workflows, file formats and terminology

Willing to work within a team

Instinctual forethought and troubleshooting skills

Client relations


Works with:

  • VFX Producer
  • VFX Supervisor
  • CG Supervisor
  • VFX Coordinator
  • Project Manager

Career Path for VFX Production Assistant

Career Path to VFX Production Assistant: Runner/Intern

Career Path from VFX Production Assistant: VFX Coordinator, VFX Producer, Line Producer, Post Production Supervisor, Project Manager

Education Routes: A degree in Film/Television and/or Visual Effect/Animation production is recommended. Team Leader or managerial studies are also a plus.