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TV (non-fiction)

TV (non fiction) includes genres of factual, entertainment, lifestyle, daytime and sports programmes. The departments described below plan and produce screen content that is either filmed in a studio setting or on location, this is known as Outside Broadcast.



Broadcast Final
About the Department

The Broadcaster is included as a distinct category because there are several production-related roles that are only found in the broadcaster environment, and also because there are variants on roles, for example EFP Camera Operator as opposed to a Lighting Camera Operator, between this and the Independent Production sector.


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While all roles in TV Non-Fiction as we present them are essentially production-related, this category relates to the team that conceives, develops, produces and manages non-fiction production. Included are also any roles that are either directly related to this function, or are better included in a general Production category than being placed with the other categories.

Single Camera Non-Fiction

Single Camera Final
About the Department

Single Camera Non-Fiction outlines the principal roles in the production unit used in Factual and Documentary production.  These are typically smaller, more mobile production teams, with the Director, Camera Operator, Sound Operator (when included) and location Producer forming the creative nucleus.

As indicated in role descriptions, the same person often undertakes the role of Director and Producer.

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Multi-Camera Non-Fiction

Multi-camera and OB
About the Department

Multi-Camera Non-Fiction is the source of most Entertainment scripted production.  These camera and technical teams work in studio- and location-based live television programming, as well as sport and live events generally.

This sub-category outlines the principal multi-camera roles that would not be covered by Single Camera Non-Fiction, but excludes roles already outlined in that section, and which are common to both (e.g. Lighting Camera Operator)

We have included all the operational roles that are part of the Outside Broadcast (OB) sector.